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Saf-T-Vise Corrosion Monitoring Probes

Part #: 6-06562

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Sentry Saf-T-Vise probes are for applications that need continuous or one-time corrosion monitoring. An electrical resistance (ER) probe measures two types of corrosion, electrochemical and mechanical while a linear polarization resistance (LPR) probe measures the electrochemical corrosion. 

The corrosion probes work best in environments that have poor or non-continuous electrolytes, such as vapors, gases, soils, wet hydrocarbons and nonaqueous liquids.

The Saf-T-Vise STV-ER and STV-LPR probes offer a unique, patented safety feature : an easy-to-use collet that locks the shaft within the process stream in both low and extremely high-pressure conditions. The probes are easy to insert and remove from a pressurized pipeline without interruption of the system. The Saf-T-Vise probes may be installed permanently to provide continuous information or portable to gather on-demand data from multiple locations.

  • To avoid corrosion and equipment damage and enable accurate monitoring, Saf-T-Vise has a materials certification and test summary to confirm the product’s materials.
  • The corrosion probes can mount in any orientation at a variety of extension lengths up to 20 feet to reach locations that are difficult to access.
  • The components are tested at safety pressure 1.5x the operating pressure to comply with PHMSA regulations and NACE standards.

Materials Pressure Rating Temperature Rating
316/316L SS 3000 PSI (207 bar) 0°F to 500°F
(-18°C to 260°C)

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