Tri-Float Suction Skimmer
Tri-Float Suction Skimmer

Tri-Float Suction Skimmer

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Our Tri-Float Skimmers are designed as a simple, trouble-free solutions for removing free floating and mechanically dispersed tramp oils in larger skimming applications. The skimmers work in any application where skimming oil off of the top surface of a fluid is required.
Smartskim's suction skimmer changes position when fluid levels in your tank, bath or pit rise and fall. You can also easily set the exact depth of skim you need and fine tune it to accommodate aggressive surface skimming or to get underneath a foam layer to remove the floating oil.

Simply connect the Tri-Float Suction Skimmer to the suction side of a transfer pump and you’re continuously skimming the topmost oily layer. 

  • The Tri-Float Suction Oil Skimmer is compatible with virtually any coolant or cleaner.
  • The suction skimmer automatically adjusts to varying surface levels during continuous operation. 
  • Easily installed and maintained by personnel, 304SS Tri-Float design has an adjustable inlet weir for fine or deep skimming
  • A Wide range of fluid levels can be skimmed and easliy installs over the tank edge

Materials Process Temperature Sizes Available
304 SS Up to 2300°F (1260°C) 3 in and 9 in

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