Sump Caddy System
Sump Caddy System

Sump Caddy Portable Filtration System

Part #: 6-07349R

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Remove free floating tramp oils and suspended fine particulates from your machine sumps with the Sump Caddy Portable Filtration System. This portable system ensures that you are extending your fluid life and eliminating labor intensive skimming processes.
A complete system comes with a SmartSkim Slotted Pipe Suction Skimmer, 100-micron and 250-micron filter bags, and 10 feet of suction and discharge hoses. For increased protection, a MagSleeve or MagPost magnetic filter can be included for additional particulate removal. But regardless of the inclusion, all Sump Caddy’s come with the minimal maintenance and reliability you expect from Sentry’s oil separation and coolant recycling products.

  • The Sump Caddy removes particulates that can damage your coolant lines and tooling.
  • Sentry’s portable coolant recycling system reduces coolant disposal costs and eliminates labor intensive processes.
  • Extends the life of your expensive machining coolants and improves your part quality.
  • Removes tramp oils contamination that is a breeding grounds for dangerous and odorous bacteria

Max. Sump Height Processing Rate
35 in Up to 3 GPM

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