Rebuilding a Clarifier

Full Service Clarifier Rebuilds

Extend Your Clarifier Drive's Life

Is your plant's efficiency and reliability struggling? Not sure how to manage an aging clarifier? With budgets being squeezed, a brand-new clarifier drive isn’t always an option.

The team at Rebuild-it have a solution: Rebuild and Refurbished Clarifiers.

Backed by almost 100 years of Sentry’s manufacturing experience, our team can provide everything from on-site repairs to complete overhauls of your clarifying equipment – ensuring that you are running efficiently in no time.

Handling Repairs - Big or Small

From the smallest repairs and parts to robust clarifier rebuilds, Sentry’s Rebuild-it technicians have the skillset to meet you where your needs lie. Budget, personnel, and operations are all taken into consideration by our team.

Mobile Thickener Unit

Rent a Mobile Drum Thickener

From seasonal peaks to supplementing your process needs, Rebuild-it's mobile Rotary Drum Thickener can help you maintain efficiency with minimal operator management.

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Maximize Your Processes

From our capabilities brochure to supporting basic tweaks with our how-to videos, get the insight you need for your processes from our Rebuild-it resources. 

Used Equipment

Used Equipment

Get your plant up and running quickly with Rebuild-its complete line of used equipment.

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