Wastewater Accessories

Wastewater Treatment Equipment & Accessories

Brand-Agnostic, High-Quality Support

Rebuild-it, a Sentry Equipment service, goes beyond service support to provide municipal and industrial water/wastewater plants with convenience and confidence through pumps, parts, and new or used drives. Each accessory to your process is focused on being brand-agnostic, supporting what is ideal for your unique application, and quickly shipped to your site for minimal downtime impacts. 

This variety extends to our accessories and parts, including: 

  • Clarifier Skimmers
  • Torque Controls
  • Motors
  • Reducers
  • Launder Covers
  • Skimming Parts
  • Wear and Tear Clarifier Parts 
  • Dorr-Oliver ODS Pump Parts
  • ...and much more! 

Backed by their extensive industry expertise, customers can ensure that they are getting premium knowledge of what needs to be replaced, when, and how. This proactive approach ensures maximum process output and efficiency, allowing for peak process optimization. 

Dorr-Oliver Gorator Pump

By Dorr-Oliver, this Gorator shreds materials such as plastics, waste, and pulp.

Mobile Rotary Drum Thickener Rental

Rebuild-it's mobile thickener can help you maintain efficiency and quality.

Rebuild-it Launder Covers

Protect your equipment and your bottom line with Rebuild-it's Launder Covers

Rebuild-it Clarifier Skimmer

Avoid breakage and ensure longevity with Rebuild-it's stainless steel skimmer.

Dorr-Oliver ODS Pump

By Dorr-Oliver, this Diaphragm Pump transfers slurry materials utilizing air.

KREBS hMAX Grit Pump

Maximize your product quality with this Grit Pump by KREBS.

KREBS millMAX-e Slurry Pump

By KREBS, the millMAX-e Slurry Pump is built to maximize mining operations.

KREBS Sewage Degritting Cyclones

By KREBS, the Degritting Cyclone removes grit and other solids from clarifiers.

KREBS Technequip Knife Gate Valves

By KREBS, the Technequip Valves provide control over your abrasive applications.

KREBS vMAX Vertical Pump

By KREBS, the vMAX Pump provides reliable operation for pumped solid processes.

Rebuild-it Headwork Screens

Ensure your processes are protected from contaminents with Headwork Screens. 
Used Equipment

Used Equipment

Get your plant up and running quickly with Rebuild-its complete line of used equipment.

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