RC 200 & 400
RC 100
RC 200 & 400
RC 100

Refillable Cation Exchange Resin Columns

Part #: 7-00816, 7-04037

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Maintain appropriate conductivity measurement while minimizing costs with Sentry's refillable resin columns. 
The Sentry® RC-100 refillable ion exchange resin column make resin replacement easy and economical, minimizing channeling and achieving a higher resin efficiency than competitive columns with inefficient column diameters.

Each of Sentry's resin columns is designed to ensures plug-free flow and reduces channeling. Coming in a variety of sizes, you will be sure to find the correct column to meet your application. 

  • Each resin column comes with an initial charge of pre-measured color-indicating hydrogen-form cation resin.
  • Optional auto shut-off quick disconnect kit with 1/4-inch ID tube connections available.
  • Corrosion-resistant mounting clamps included with W7901x models.
  • The RC-100 is specially designed to minimize the column's dead volume, assuring highly representative sampling. After a chemical upset, the RC-100 can produce a representative sample within four minutes (at a flow rate of 200 cc/min) while others can take as long as 16 minutes.
  • In addition to reducing dead volumn, the RC-100 refillable ion exchange column's design also produces better flow distribution. Poor flow distribution and velocity can skew cation conductivity results by up to 0.1 µS/cm
  • The RC-101 uses the same design but is made of PETG which is resistamt tp high levels of residual ammonia present in the sample or in the atmosphere near the column.
  • The refillable, clear plastic column makes resin replacement economical and easy
  • PETG columns are available for applications where chemical attacks may occur
  • Provides optimum fluid velocity with increased resin efficiency
  • Designed especially for flow rates common to water chemistry analyzers
  • Minimizes lag time required to detect chemical upset
  • No PVC used; wetted materials will not leach chlorides or plasticizers
  • End fittings are 1/8-inch quick disconnects

Model Resin Volume Cation Capacity Flow
RC-100 & 101 565 cc 800 Grains 200 ccm
RC-200 1130 cc 1600 Grains 200 ccm
RC-400 2260 cc 3200 Grains 200 ccm

Part Numbers
RC-100 resin columns with initial change of resin, mounting brackets, and two sets of quick disconnects 7-00816B
RC-101 resin column with initial change of resin, mounting brackets, and two sets of quick disconnects 7-00816N
Cation resin refill bag 2-03972A
Corrosion-proof quick disconnect mounting bracket 4-04869A
Porous Disk 2-03892A
O-ring seal 4-04820C
Acetal barbed quick disconnects (includes two each make and female coupling) 6-02503B

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