Rebuild-it Clarifier

Water & Wastewater

Maximize Wastewater Performance

Water and Wastewater processes are critical to your plant or municipalities function. Without a properly running system, companies face lengthy downtime, fines, and process disruption. Proper maintenance and updates mitigate these risks.

Sentry Equipment’s team of experts are ready to support your needs with their brand-agnostic approach to water and wastewater solutions. From parts to brand new clarifiers and thickeners, our team works to meet your process and equipment needs promptly and efficiently to ensure you are back up and running in no time. 

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Water & Wastewater Solutions

From parts to completely new or refurbished clarifiers, Sentry Equipment has the water and wastewater solutions to meet your processing needs and minimize potential downtime. Learn how Sentry's brand-agnostic approach to wastewater solutions can benefit your industrial or municipal applications. 

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Improve Your Process

Rebuild-it, a Sentry Equipment service, proudly offers wastewater process equipment when refurbishment and repair just won't do. From parts to completely new clarifiers, each product is backed by 100 years of manufacturing experience and expertise.

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Mobile Thickener Unit

Rent a Mobile Drum Thickener

From seasonal peaks to supplementing your process needs, Rebuild-it's mobile Rotary Drum Thickener can help you maintain efficiency and quality with minimal oversight. 

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