Protection from Radiation Exposure and Contamination

Nuclear energy creates an immense amount of power for the utilities.  However, these types of plants pose challenges due to the radioactivity within the systems and potential contamination surrounding them.   Protecting your operators from this exposure is vital. Maintaining the quality of your processes requires precise sampling, testing and calibration of instrumentation.  Sampling solutions can help support this necessary balance by maintaining operator safety and maximizing analytical consistency for process calibration.

Sentry customers rely on our commitment to take on nuclear challenges with outside of the box thinking and a keen focus on safety.  From complete sampling systems to maintenance support, you can rest assured your processes, people, and chemistry are protected.

Safeguard Your Reactor Systems

With more than 400 commercial reactors in operation, it’s important that these high-pressure systems maintain peak operation while maximizing safety. Each Sentry application keeps this in mind by not only meeting nuclear regulatory commission requirements but also considering your unique process and needs. Regardless of whether you are running a PWR or BWR system, each solution is engineered to your specific specifications and can be supported throughout the product’s lifecycle.

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