Dorr Oliver Gorator Pumps
Dorr Oliver Gorator Pumps

Dorr-Oliver Gorator Pump

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Designed by Dorr-Oliver, this Gorator pump shreds large particles such as plastics, waste, and pulp for extraction or incineration. This heavy-duty Dorr-Oliver pump works best in chemical processing, food processing, industrial wastewater, and pulp/paper industries.
Each Gorator is designed with a simple, durable inclined rotor to minimize clogging and run dry with minimal damage. Additionally, each pump's mixing and dispersion intensity can be controlled by the user to adapt to their unique applications.  

  • Variety of sizes available - Horizontal 6x4x10, Horizontal 4x3x8, Vertical 6x4x10, PP 4x4
  • Specifically designed to hold up to rough service including sludge, scum, screenings, and liquid waste disintegration
  • Heavy duty casing - 304 Stainless Steel construction - for longer equipment life 
  • Hinged cover designed for easy service access and inspection

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