Dorr-Oliver ODS Pump
Dorr-Oliver ODS Pump

Dorr-Oliver ODS Pump

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Designed by Dorr-Oliver, this ODS Diaphragm Pump transfers slurry materials evenly and simply utilizing air. Each ODS pump can be automated to match your processing capacity for maximum efficiency. 
The low-maintenance, durable design ensures that your processes remain up and running during dry operation and avoids environmental contamination. Capable of handling extreme conditions up to 200°F (93.3°C) and slurries up to 75% solids, each Dorr-Oliver Diaphragm Pump can handle materials such as: 
  • Delicate crystal slurries
  • Highly abrasive slurries
  • Extremely volitile slurries
  • Unstalbe slurries 
  • Air-entrained slurries 

  • Adjustable under operation for maximum capacity and discharge pressure flexibility
  • Leak-proof, rhythmic plunger minimizes particle degredation of even the most delicate slurries
  • Capable of pule transfer thickening through constant pumping velocity matched to accumliation rates
  • Managed through an ODS Pump timer control panel 

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