KREBS millMAX-e Slurry Pump
KREBS millMAX-e Slurry Pump

KREBS millMAX-e Slurry Pump

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Designed by KREBS, the millMAX-e Slurry Pump is built to maximize mining operations by reducing power consumption with maximum wear life. Each pump optimizes space with its compact design while maximizing output by maintaining constant flow and pressure. 
An unlined, wet end design and patentented pump belt transition system ensures easy maintenance and repair. While the decreased total weight and internal components work to reduce capital, replacement part costs, and the need for a larger motor. 

  • Unlined, compact design maximizes space utilization 
  • Suction side sealing system solves griding and recirculation problems, adding to increased performance 
  • Provides reduced capital cost and maintenance needs through size, weight, and design 

Size in Inches Size in Milimeters
2x1.5 50x40
3x2 80x50
4x3 100x80
6x4 150x100
8x6 200x150
10x8 250x200
12x10 300x250
14x12 350x300
16x14 400x350
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