KREBS vMAX Vertical Pump
KREBS vMAX Vertical Pump

KREBS vMAX Vertical Pump

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Designed by KREBS, the vMAX Vertical Cantilever Pump provides reliable, continuous operation for conventional and harsh pumped solid processes. The vMAX's hydraulic design ensurs that applications such as mining and industrial processing avoid solids build up, leakage, and excessive vibration.
Each Cantilever Pump is built with simplicity and longevity in mind. The vMAX and vMAX-R variations are available in a range of corrosion resistant materials and have proven wear life for conventional and extreme operations - even highly viscous slurries with large solids. 

  • A fully recessed impeller allows for operation without the need for sump level control. 
  • An oversized suction strainer prevnets solids from bidding or clogging, increasing operational life and streamlining cleaning. 
  • Easy to operate and maintain

Sizes in Inches Sizes in Milimeters
2x2 50x50
3x3 80x80
4x4 100x100
6x6 150x150
8x8 200x200
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