Magnetic Separators

Magnetic Separators

Protect Your Industrial Fluids

Enhance the quality of your fluid filtration and systems parts with high-powered magnetic rod filters. 

Sentry's adaptable magnetic filters are designed to fit your application. By implementing a magnetic rod filter, you will enhance the fluid and parts quality and protect your pumps in machine tools, washers, paint lines, and other industrial systems. 

Magnetic Post Filters

SmartSkim's Magnetic Posts can be installed inside your existing housings

Magnetic Sleeve Filter

Rare-Earth Magnetic Sleeves can be installed in existing housings

Magnetic Rods and Grids

Rare-Earth Magnetic Rods and Grids are available in many different arrangements

Enhance Your Protection

SmartSkim, a Sentry Equipment Product, proudly partners with Eclipse Magnetics and Flo Pro Products to support our customers Magnetic Filtration needs by selling Autofiltrex, Filtramag,  MicroMag Magnetic Indexing Drum Filter products. 

Interested in learning more? Contact our SmartSkim sales team.