Model HTHV Sampler
Model HTHV Sampler

Model HTHV Sampler

Part #: 7-06493A

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Designed for sampling high temperature/high viscosity applications such as hot oil, the Model HTHV Sampler encloses the system to protect the operator from harm while allowing visibility into the process with a viewing window.
This sampler’s use of a multi-turn valve allows for flow control while the hardened seat ensures abrasive particles don’t harm your equipment. By safely sampling with the HTHV sampler, operators can ensure that their samples will remain at optimal temperature without plugging, clogging, or getting cold spots.

  • Each Model HTHV Sampler comes with a ¼ in orifice to ensure that you can handle high viscosity flows.
  • The High Temperature High Viscosity Sampler has a flow-through valve that allows for constant process flow for the most representative sample possible.
  • Additional options include a steam-jacketed stinger and double-block valve, ensuring your operators and environment maintain peak safety.

Wetted Materials* Pressure Range Temp Range
body: 316/316L stainless steel
steam tip: ceramic
seals: Grafoil
0-1500 psi max 750°F (399°C)

*other materials available on request

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