CWIS Cooling Water Isolation Skid
CWIS Cooling Water Isolation Skid

CWIS Cooling Water Isolation Skid

Part #: 7-06539

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Sentry's CWIS Cooling Water Isolation Skid helps control the negative consequences associated with water and temperature inconsistency.

By recirculating clean water behind a plate and frame heat exchanger, the CWIS protects your sample coolers from plant service water and ensures scaling/fouling is eliminated. The cooling water isolation skid moves beyond protecting coolers by maintaining a constant temperature and pressure with an included pump.

  • The CWIS Water Isolation Skid controls temperatures within ± 4°F (2°C), with optional close temperature control of ± 1°F (0.5°C).
  • Maintaining flow is easy with the CWIS’ optional dual pumps, manual control, and automatic switch over functions.
  • Built for seasonal or plant related fluctuations, this cooling water skid ensures that your sample system is isolated from chemicals and dissolved particles from plant service.

Model Recirculating Flow Power
CWMS-35 35 GPM 1.3 KVA
CWMS-80 80 GPM 3.6 KVA
CWMS-140 140 GPM 5.8 KVA

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