CWMS Cooling Water Skid
Cooling Water Mixing Skid
CWMS Cooling Water Skid
Cooling Water Mixing Skid

CWMS Cooling Water Mixing Skid

Part #: 7-02105

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Manage insufficient water pressure or seasonal temperature variations efficiently with Sentry's CWMS Cooling Water Mixing Skid.

The skid works by recirculating water to control a consistent temperature and pressure using existing chilled water sources vs. a mechanical chiller. A digital control adds a layer of confidence by allowing operators to create a set point while the water skid takes care of the rest.

  • The CWMS Water Mixing Skid controls temperatures within ± 1°F (0.5°C) with an electronic controller and modulating ball valve.
  • Optional dual pumps and oversized makeup and discharge lines/valves are available upon request.

Model Recirculating Flow Pump Horsepower
CWMS-35 35 GPM 2 HP
CWMS-80 80 GPM 3 HP
CWMS-140 140 GPM 5 HP

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