MT-1 Magnetic Trap
MT-5 Magnetic Trap
MT-1 Magnetic Trap
MT-5 Magnetic Trap

Magnetic Trap

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Magnetite particles can cause problems within a sampling system by jamming and plugging components. By isolating magnetite particulates, the Sentry magnetic trap protects your sampling equipment from unplanned downtime and equipment damage caused by contamination,
The magnetic trap uses high strength neodymium magnets in its core to attract and capture the magnetite found in systems before an issue arises. Coming in both high and low pressure models, the magnetic trap is easily adaptable to your system needs.

  • The Sentry Magnetic Trap is designed to never plug and handle conditions within a power plant,
  • Each magnetic trap is hydrotested to hold up within retrofits as well as new equipment.
  • Select traps incorporate unique cyclonic cleaning, removing the need for tools to purge. 
  • Meets ASME Section VIII, Div. 1 and CRN compliance standards

Model Pressure Rating Max Flow Rate Wetted Materials
316 SS, POM, polycarbonate,
glass-filled polypropylene, Buna-N
1200 ccm 100 PSI (6.75 bar)
MT-2 316 SS 1200 ccm 2500 PSI (172 bar)
MT-5 316 SS 1200 ccm 5000 PSI (345 bar)

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