VREL Control Valve
VREL Control Valve

VREL Control Valve

Part #: 7-00744

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High-pressure reduction needs often put a wrench in your sampling. Ensure you are facing your high-pressure issues head on with the VREL Control Valve.
Pressure rated for up to 5000 psi (345 bar), this stainless-steel valve drops pressure smoothly with no disruption. The VREL's conjoined tube valve ensures operators maintain the required pressure and flow with an external knob. It has become the industry standard for samples greater than 500 psi (34.5 bar) according to ASTM Standards.

  • The VREL control valve is cleanable in place, reducing the need for a shutdown to clean.
  • Removing solids is easy with retractable rods for blowdown.
  • Simple control design maximizes operator control overflow and pressure.
  • A large flow rate differential (capabilities from 150 mL to 4 L per minute) ensures you are meeting the needs of your process.

Wetted Materials Pressure Rating
316 SS
5000 PSI at 300°F
(345 bar at 149°C)

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