SmartSkim Ozone Generator
SmartSkim Ozone Generator

Sentry Ozone Generator Equipment

Part #: 6-07347N

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Control bacteria and odor within your metal working systems with the addition of an ozone generating equipment. By dispersing active oxygen into the bottom of your sump and tank, bacteria, fungus, yeast, and mold are killed on contact and reverts to its original form: oxygen.
It is safe for use with most all types of coolants. This versatility allows you to avoid process changes while reducing unnecessary costs and disposal due to rancid coolant.

  • Provides consistent bacteria and odor control for coolant sumps, recycling systems, parts washers, and other process tanks.
  • Compact size and weight that seamlessly integrates with your existing technology (5.875” x 5.375” x 2” and 2 lbs.).
  • Eliminate or minimize the use of biocide chemicals.

Ozone Output Electrical
0.3 g/h at 6 SCFH

120VAC 60Hz 0.2A, 220VAC 50Hz 0.1A

Frequently Asked Questions

The MicroZone generates Ozone and injects it into the coolant to kill bacteria and mold to a level below the nuisance level. It manages the bacteria and mold levels but does not give a 100% kill. Ozone is generated electrically and therefore adds no chemicals into the treated coolant. Ozone generators produce O3, which aids in reducing total number of airborne contaminants.

Ozone is produced through the most common method, corona discharge.

No. Customers have also found success in low-volume chemical sampling or biofuel sampling.

In the quantities needed for coolant control, it has no noticeable odor or color. It is not irritating to humans or equipment. It acts quickly and efficiently and leaves no chemical by-products except oxygen. In contrast, biocides can lower pH, cause salt build ups that can require dumping, and if overused, can cause dermatitis. While chlorine and other forms of biocides form thousands of extremely toxic by-products, ozone forms virtually none. Ozone is easier and safer to handle than biocides because Ozone is generated on site, this eliminates transportation hazards.

The ozone or active air disperses through the coolant oxidizing bacteria and mold. The ozone is used up at point of contact. The Ozone instantly oxidizes any organic material that it comes in contact with and then returns to its original form: oxygen. The result of this process is an oxygen rich environment which is fatal to odor forming bacteria while not causing damage to the coolant itself. A healthy environment is achieved.

One of the keys to the successful use of ozone is that it must be diffused properly within the coolant system. Ozone at the levels we use is safe. It goes after the fungus, yeast, mold, and bacteria. We have also found that with the microscopic bubbles diffused in the solution acts somewhat like an dissolved air floatation system and helps with the removal of very fine dispersed tramp oil droplets that otherwise may be missed on one pass through a traditional coalescer.

Yes, Ozone is one of the most effective, complete bactericides in nature and kills virtually all know forms of viruses in water.

OSHA limits ozone in the workplace to 0.1 ppm over an 8 hour day. If the Microzone 300 is properly installed, there will be very little off gas. Any off gas that may be generated will be diluted by the air in the room. It would require very extreme conditions to exceed OSHA limits.
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