Suction Header Clarifier
Suction Header Clarifier

Suction Header Clarifier

Part #: RSG

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Rapid sludge Suction Header Clarifiers are specifically designed to provide fast and uniform removal of return-activated sludge. The clarifier utilizes a rotating suction header collector and manifold assembly to remove the activated sludge quickly.
The settled solids are collected through the orifices located throughout the length of the suction header. We design the varying sizes and spacing to provide the desired velocities throughout the entire mechanism. The Suction Header Clarifiers are offered in either single or dual header configurations.

  • The suction header design rapidly removes of solids.
  • Uniform sludge removal over entire clarifier floor ensures complete efficiency.
  • Minimizing short-circuiting for maximized uptime.

Center Column Standards Feedwell Standards
Machine Diameter Column Diameter Machine Diameter Feedwell Diameter
30 to 50 feet 20 in 30 to 35 feet 9 or 10 feet
55 to 70 feet 24 in 40 to 45 feet 11 feet
75 to 80 feet 30 in 50 to 60 feet 13 feet
85 to 100 feet 36 in 65 to 80 feet 17 feet
    85 to 100 feet 25 feet

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