Suction Pipe Clarifier
Suction Pipe Clarifier

Suction Pipe Clarifier

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Suction Pipe Clarifiers are designed to provide quick and uniform removal of return-activated sludge (RAS) by utilizing collection pipes located at multiple points along each arm. Suction is generated by a differential head from the partially submerged well located at the center of the clarifier.

Each suction pipe is equipped with a return flow valve that controls the rate of sludge return. By rotating into the center sludge well, the pipe clarifier ensures that all sludge exits through a vertical steel pipe located at the center.

  • Each suction pipe clarifier is customized to your needs as the size and quality of pipes are selected according to your RAS flow rates.
  • Built to minimize “short-circuiting” which reduces costly downtime.
  • Easy to change out sludge seals and visual indications of functionality ensure that maintenance and upkeep are minimized on the operators.

Center Column Standards Feedwell Standards Suction Pipe Standards
Machine Diameter Column Diameter Machine Diameter Feedwell Diameter Machine Diameter Pipe Diameter
30 to 50 feet 20 in 30 to 35 feet 9 or 10 feet 30 to 40 feet 4 in
55 to 70 feet 24 in 40 to 45 feet 11 feet 45 to 70 feet 6 in
75 to 80 feet 30 in 50 to 60 feet 13 feet 75 to 100 feet 8 in
85 to 100 feet 36 in 65 to 80 feet 17 feet    
    85 to 100 feet 25 feet    

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