Model MVD Sampler
Model MVD Sampler

Model MVD Liquid Sampler

Part #: 7-03752A

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Designed to sample in closed loop processes such as refining, petrochemical, and nuclear applications, the Model MVD Liquid Sampler uses a double block valve to not only protect the process but also the operators.
This Low Emission liquid sampler adds a secondary level of safety with its adjustable throttle stop and spring-loaded throttling valve, ensuring that you can close the line quickly without accidental spillage or contamination.

  • The MVD sampler comes available with a variety of needle arrangements and sample bottle sizes to ensure that it meets your application needs.
  • Additional options include a carbon canister and enclosures, ensuring your operators and environment maintain peak safety.

Wetted Materials Pressure Range Temp Range*
316 stainless steel, PTFE, Viton, FFKM
O-Rings: FKM or FFKM
1000 psi (70 bar) up to 250°F (122°C)

*higher temp ranges available upon request

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