Sentry TRW Single Helical Tube Sample Cooler
TRW Sample Cooler Top Angle
Sentry TRW Single Helical Tube Sample Cooler
TRW Sample Cooler Top Angle

TRW Single Helical Sample Cooler

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The Sentry TRW tube sample cooler cools a sample from a process stream. That may seem simple, but each TRW is a uniquely designed small tube in a shell heat exchanger. 

The sample to be cooled flows through the tube side of the cooler, and the cooling fluid, usually water, flows through the shell side. The cooled sample then can be taken to a laboratory for analysis or piped to in-line process instrumentation for continuous monitoring of properties such as conductivity, pH or other chemical constituents. 

  • Minimizes cooling water needs with its helical coil design

  • Small profile allows for easy installment in tight spaces such as on or near the boiler

  • The ideal application is for cooling low-pressure boiler water with flows below 1200 cc/min

Models Shell Design Tube Design Tube Material Shell Material Part Number
250 psi at 450°F
(17 bar at 232°C)
2000 psi at 850°F
(137 bar at 454°C)
300 Series SS
1/4 in OD x 0.049 in AW
304 SS 7-05842B

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