Smart Cycle Chemistry Alarms Optimize Power Plant Processes

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The utility industry significantly contributes to the stability of the US and global economy and infrastructure. Given the stringent regulations plants must meet, it is essential to prevent major chemical events to ensure dependable and safe power production.

One way to support this production is by using smart cycle chemistry alarms.

Fortunately, cycle chemistry events happen very rarely. However, that means most operators aren’t familiar with how to respond to an event. Smart analyzer alarms help steam and water operators improve their response time to critical chemistry events, preventing chemical events and maximizing power production.


A steam and water analysis system (SWAS) is meant to protect the passive layer and prevent chemistry-related failures with various chemistry parameter analyzers. When a chemistry event occurs, alarms warn operators that conditions exist that could potentially damage those protective layers.

However, traditional alarms don’t include guidance to help operators quickly and safely resolve the issue – and they can occur so frequently that they turn into nuisance alarms that trigger no meaningful action.

Smart chemistry alarms monitor the signals generated by these analyzers and provide intelligence in real-time about what’s happening and what steps need to be taken to resolve the chemistry event or analyzer issue.

They interpret the analyzer signals using EPRI smart chemistry alarm logic to alert only when actionable chemistry events occur. Intelligent analyzer trouble alarms signify when a critical analyzer has an actionable issue, providing operator guidance on the nature of the problem followed by customized troubleshooting advice.

Benefits of intelligent alarms:

  • Reduce nuisance alarms
  • Indicate when critical instrumentation is reading incorrectly
  • Differentiate between an analyzer issue and a critical chemistry event
  • Identify chemistry events
  • Provide plant-specific troubleshooting guidance
  • Ensure analyzers are correct on status

Learn more about using online analysis with our webinar, Stand Ready: Maximize Cycle Chemistry with Smart Analyzer Alarms.



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