Back Pressure Relief Valve
Back Pressure Relief Valve

Back Pressure Relief Valve (BPRV)

Part #: 7-00868A

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Ensure you are holding a constant sample pressure, regardless of pressure and flow fluctuations with the Sentry Back Pressure Relief Valve.
Designed specifically for power plant sample flow, the BPRV provides precise pressure control while minimizing plugging. Regardless of usage, you can assure you are protected from a malfunction and obtain a continuous grab sample.

The Sentry BPRV relief valve holds a constant pressure of approximately 20 psig (1.4 barg) at the analyzer inlet when installed as recommended. This pressure is maintained independent of the source pressure fluctuations or sample flow changes. If inlet pressure rises, the back pressure regulator opens to let excess flow pass through to drain. This flow is usually used as a grab sample. This unit also acts as a reliaf valve in an excessive pressure condition.

In normal operation, there is always a flow from the exhaust port. This flow increases with rising source pressures and decreases with falling source pressures. The BPRV also functions as a fail-safe relief valve, with a relieving capacity exceeding that of the most used 1/4-inch relief valve. Since the BPRV is always in service, a malfunction is immediately evident, while a relief valve can freeze with no outward indication- until it fails to operate in an emergency.

  • The BPRV allows for precise pressure control while minimizing plugging and maximizing reliability.
  • This valve is three times more sensitive than the standard back pressure regulator.
  • It can function as a fail-safe relief valve.
  • The relief valve will not wire draw or erode during normal service.
  • Designed specifically for power plant sample flow rates
  • The most effective way to ensure constant flow through online analyzers
  • Less prone to plugging and sticking than a pressure-reducing valve
  • Will not wire draw or erode in normal service
  • Fail-safe relief valve

Wetted Materials Regulated Pressure Relieving Capacity
316 SS and Vitron
approx. 20 PSI (1.4 bar) 2 GPM at 10 PSI

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