TSV Thermal Shutoff Valve for High Temperatures

Part #: 7-03634, 7-01137

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While maintaining the proper temperature of your samples is ideal, it doesn't always occur. The TSV Thermal Shutoff Valve was designed with this in mind.
This valve ensures that you can shut down sample flow quickly when loss of coolant or sample flow surges occur. Withstanding temperatures up to 250°F (121°C), our Hi-Temp valve completely closes when sample temperature reaches up to 203°F (90°C) – all without operator intervention. The sensoe/actuator is directly exposed to the sample medium. High temperatures actuate the device in less than five seconds. Some of the causes og high temperatures include loss of cooling water, insufficient cooling water pressure or flow, high cooling water temperature, high sample flowo rate, a ruptured coil in the sample cooler, or a fouled or plugged sample cooler.

After each trip, an operator must manually reset it to ensure additional process safety and time for error correction. Each time the temperature shutoff valve is closed it will have a red visual indication of the postion and can even be added to an optional remote alarm via a switch. 

  • The TSV is compact and lightweight - weighing less than 2 lbs.
  • Requires no electricity to operate
  • Made with corrosion-resistant stainless steel, operators can be assured of minimal sample contamination or product degradation.
  • This Hi-Temp valve can support high-pressure environments with a rating up to 4400 PSI (300 bar).
  • Protcts operators and equipment
  • Suitable for system pressures up to 4400 psi (303 bar)
  • Flow shutdown in less than five seconds
  • Completely mechanical design requires no electricity, air, or hydraulics
  • Push-button reset
  • Optional dry contact for remote alarm indication
  • Visual trip indication
  • Standard trip temperature in 120°F (49°C) with other temperatures available
Wetted Materials:
316 stainless steel and elastomers compatible with boiiler water and steam 
Consult us for use with other media

Wetted Materials Pressure Rating Temperature Rating Pressure Drop
316 SS, Vitron, PEEK
4400 PSI (303 bar) 250°F (121°C) Cv=0.21

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