Water/Wastewater Products

Water/Wastewater Products

Proven Water/Wastewater Reliability

Specializing in municipal and industrial applications, Sentry's water/wastewater products are the economical and reliable choice. Each clarifier and drive is easily retrofitted to other manufacturers without losing quality. The welded clarifier bodies and custom programmed drives ensure that your operations maintain high efficiency and low maintenance requirements. 

Ready to take control over your return activated sludge (RAS) removal? Review our products below or contact one of our professionals to find the right solution for your operations. 

Column and Bridge Supported Clarifier Drives

Column and bridge supported drive units to match your application.

Suction Header Clarifier

Specifically designed to provide uniform removal of return-activated sludge.

Spiral Blade Clarifier

Spiral Blade Clarifiers are created for optimal performance and increased solids

Suction Pipe Clarifier

Designed to uniformly remove return-activated sludge with collection pipes

Plow Blade Clarifier

Plow Blade clarifiers are designed for all applications involving sludge removal
Used Equipment

Used Equipment

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