RSS Radioactive Slurry Sampler
RSS Radioactive Slurry Sampler

RSS Sampler

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Designed for automated radioactive slurry sampling, the ISOLOK RSS sampler ensures that your samples are representative of your entire process and operators are protected from hazardous conditions.
This automatic sampler is remotely operated through compressed air capturing a fixed sample in a container and then protecting the sample and others by lowering the container into a lead cask.

The ISOLOK sampler’s low maintenance design adds an extra layer of protection with a shielded bottle cover and radiation resistive components.

  • This ISOLOK RSS radioactive sampler comes with a lead filled cask design for dose rate of approximately 10 mrem per hour with a 1.0 curie sample taken.
  • Optional material traceability reporting available upon request to ensure the strongest layer of protection.

Dimensions 65 in x 43 in x73 in (1651 mm x 1092 mm x 1854 mm)
Sample inlet/outlet connection 1/2 to 2 in flanged or buttweld
Pressure rating 300 psig (21 barg)
Temperature rating 575°F (302°C)
Demineralized water consumption 250 ml per sample
Demineralized water 40-100 psig (2.7-7 barg); 1/4 in comp fitting
Instrument air 75-150 psig (5-10 barg); 1/4 in comp fitting
Drain connection 1/4 in comp fitting
Sample size per stroke 10 cc or 25 cc
Voltage 100-240VAC 50/60 Hz
Sample bottle 125 ml or 250 ml
Air consumption per sample 10 scfh

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