Model FV Sampler
Model FV Sampler

Model FV Fixed Volume Sampler

Part #: 7-06512AA

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Designed with dedicated inlets and outlets, the Model FV High Pressure Sampler connects to your processes utilizing a sample valve to extract a sample.
By following the instructions written on each Model FV sampler, you will be assured that a seamless representative sample will be taken every time.

  • Each Model FV Sampler comes with a coaxial needle system to reduce the concern of bent or broken sample needles.
  • Labeled step by step instructions and valves ensure that minimal training is needed to operate the equipment, reducing the potential for equipment downtime or sampling inaccuracies.
  • By using a fixed volume cylinder, the sample volume is consistent between every sample taken and remove accidental overfill.

Wetted Materials* Pressure Range^ Temp Range**
body: 316 stainless steel
0-1800 psi <140°F (60°C)

*other materials available on request
^higher pressures available on request
**temp range can be much higher with the use of a standard cooler

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