CASE STUDY: Prevent Equipment Downtime due to Crude Oil Leaks

A G50 Crude Oil pipe may cause significant damage to machining operations, equipment, and employee safety within a facility.


A company experienced a G50 pipe leaking hot crude oil (unrefined petroleum) at their facility. The facility contacted three service teams, but none of them could find a solution.  

Some of the main reasons these leaks happen are due to physical damage to equipment, machine failure, corrosion, and improper handling. Within a facility, a leak can cause inefficient machinery operation, machine component failure, safety and environmental hazards, and raised costs. With a problem like this, it is crucial to find an effective solution as soon as possible to minimize damage. 


After contacting three other teams to find a solution, the facility experiencing the leak of hot crude oil with a G50 pipe contacted the Sentry Equipment team to find a solution.  

Our service manager and lead supervisor for this project, Saxton Detwiler, and his team traveled to the facility to weigh the possible options. Given the financial and safety implications of the leak, the team knew the only option was to find the solution.  

Within 24 hours, Saxton’s team was able to find a solution, implement the idea, and eliminate the leak successfully. The solution was more straightforward than anticipated but required a bit of proprietary knowledge.  

By disassembling and reassembling the fittings, the Sentry team could execute their proprietary method for high-temperature steel/stainless steel sealing. The specialized knowledge of our team and willingness to think outside the box made all the difference.  

In addition to their unique capabilities, Sentry’s quick response time mitigated downtime and kept the plant from experiencing equipment or employee injury. This experience's value has improved the plant's operations and established Sentry Equipment as a go-to partner for maintenance issues.  

Operators and plant managers are constantly being asked to do more with less. However, the time and skillset may not always be available to do more. When this occurs, the Sentry Equipment service team is here to help you with any challenge.  

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