Low Emission Samplers

Low Emission Samplers

Maximize Process Safety

Maximize safety to the operator and the environment with Sentry's low-emission samplers. These liquid and gas grab samplers are designed to be easily operated and maintained, so the sample is always as representative of the process and accurate as possible. Between simple operation and their focus on safety, our low-emission samplers are ideal for petrochemical, chemical, and refinery applications.

Model C Sampler

The Model C Sampler maintains sample integrity while focusing on safety.

Detector Tube Sampler

The Detector Tube Sampler regulates high-pressure environments to a safe level

Model FV Fixed Volume Sampler

The Model FV Sampler connects to your processes utilizing a sample valve.

Model HTHV Sampler

The Model HTHV Sampler encloses the system to protect the operator from harm.

Model MIL Liquid Sampler

The Model MIL Sampler uses a ball valve to extract samples from in-line piping.

Model MVS Sampler

The Model MVS Low-E Sampler protects the operator and atmosphere.

Model MVD Liquid Sampler

The Model MVD Liquid Sampler uses a double block valve to protect.

Model MLG Sampler

The MLG incorporates features to provide for safe and simple sampling.

Model MCG Gas Sampler

Safely sample gas with Sentry’s closed-loop MCG Gas Sampler.

Model MCL Sampler

The Model MCL Low-E Liquid Sampler uses closed-loop cylinder sampling.

Model SS Liquid Sampler

By functioning simplistically, the Model SS Sampler manages sample control.

Model M Liquid Sampler

With optional inlets and outlets, the Model M Sampler manages sample control.