Headwork Screen Examples
Screenings and Washings
Headwork Screen Examples
Screenings and Washings

Rebuild-it Headwork Screens

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Efficient and economical water treatment and wastewater purification requires protection from grit and sewage sludge. Ensure your processes are protected from these contaminants with Rebuild-it's Headwork Screen. 
Able to manage flow rates up to 100,000 m3/day, our stainless steel screens provide customers with piece of mind that they are protected from costly downtime that comes from contamination. Additional confidence comes from the Rebuild-it support team, who are able to provide accessories, repairs, and refurbishment of all their accessories. 

  • Adaptable design that is able to handle even the highest flow capacity
  • Minimizes pressure loss within the process
  • Requires minimal maintenance and easy-to-install 
  • Rebuild-it support for installation, rebuilds, and repairs